Remix on Glitch

Example apps you can use, remix or learn from, all hosted on the platform. Check out the example apps below, all of them functional, all different, and hopefully all interesting.

This site is also hosted on Glitch and you can remix it for your own use - see the button above. Note: we're not affiliated with, we're just fans.


A better starter than the default Glitch app. More features, less to remove.

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Simple blog using the Express middleware connect-blog and PugJS templates.

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Image Resize

Nice and easy image resizing. Uses the npm package sharp to do all the work.

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Flash Game

Simple memory, spelling, and peck-the-keys game for younger kids.

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Flash Thomas

A remix of flash (see previous app) with over 100 Thomas and Friends characters.

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A starter template using MithrilJS and showing a dynamic full-page router.

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